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No Standing

No Standing, New York double exposure, street photography

New York East Willage, double exposure, street photography.

I must say New York is one of my favorite places so far to photograph, always something interesting to see. Around every corner something new. Hoping to get back soon. As usual i’m using my trusted Fujifilm X-E1 camera, great and small enough for carrying around all day.

Infinity Tattoo, new york, doubleexposure

Infinity Tattoo, city in motion

Infinity Tattoo, new york, doubleexposure

Pulse of Manhattan, the city in motion

Manhattan New York is a beautiful place to photograph, always something happening. One of my way to try to capture the pulse of this city of motion is here to use double exposure photography. Much happening all at once but all people and traffic calm, friendly and helpful. I love citys and New York is one of my new favorite places to visit. Next time will be a longer stay I hope. My camera of choice here is Fujifilm X-E1, a nice and small camera prefect for carrying around on the long walks around Manhattan.