Pinhole camera project

I just got a wooden pinhole camera, something that have been lurking in the back of my head since I tried to shot analog mediumformat film a few months ago. There is a special feeling about shoting a roll of film and leaving it to the lab and not knowing what you will get. Sometimes surprising results that pleases you and others that went really bad. So after seeing a lot of amazing pinhole photographs on flickr I decided to get my own and give it a try.

After some searching I found a simple and cheep build-it-yourself kit from Flights of Fancy on Kulturhuset in Stockholm. The kit includes the wooden pieces to assamble the pinhole camera, chemicals, paper and a booklet with instruction and a brief history of pinhole photography.


Putting the pieces together was as easy as it looked. To do the pinhole there is a needle at the right dimension. The instructions says that its important to get the hole as much in the middle as possible, not make it bigger then the needle and to get the hole round for best exposure. This is what the litte beauty looks like and a close-up on the pinhole.

As  I have no experience at all with developing film or darkrooms this is going to be a great new adventure and a way to learn some new parts of photograpy. This is going to be fun and I can only hope there will be something captured on the photographic paper :) In any case I will post the results here.

Here is a great resource with lots of inspiring pinhole photography (via @):

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