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EP cover for “Vad ska du bli” by Söder

I’m really happy that Söder choose to have my photo as the cover on his 2-track EP. I also helped with the design and pressphoto.
EP cover for "Vad ska du bli" by SöderPress photo "Söderberg"
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Choices and noise

On the 18 of June Söder released a two track-EP,

including a cover of the legendary Swedish rockgroup

Ebba Grön. The songs are outtakes from the coming

album “Exorcism”, due to be released this autumn.


–The Ebba Grön song “Vad ska du bli?” is one of the best

songs I’ve ever heard. And the message of the lyrics,

about staying true to yourself, will always be a relevant

matter, says Söder

– I wanted to do this song in a new and different way

without losing the song’s core.


The second song “En sorgsen sång som gör mig glad” is

basically a noisy popsong!

The EP and the coming album “Exorcism” is Stefan

“Söder” Söderbergs debut as a solo artist. He is former

member of bands like Inferno, Åka bil, TukTuk Rally and



Musicians on the EP are Andreas Dahlbäck – drums (Ulf

Lundell, Anna Ternheim), Rikard Lidhamn – bass (Last

Days Of April, Ebba Forsberg) and Mikael Nilzén – piano

(Thåström) and Söder – vocals and guitar.